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October 7, 2015

We are pleased to announce that Gorman Farm now has a sister farm! Our new land holds 80 fairly flat tillable acres just west of the Gorman Produce Farm location. 2015 has been a HUGE transitional year for us as we worked hard to engage with this opportunity and move our business forward. With three years in the making we have solidified our growing future in Howard County with our new property!

Very Important to Note: To all our C.S.A. members and customers over the years, your contributions to supporting local agricultural have had a tremendous impact. We are so thankful to all of you, especially all our C.S.A. members and especially those of you who have been with us for several seasons. As we receive endless compliments and gratitude for our service to you: Right back at you, hats off to everyone involved. This effort is a result of us working together to preserve open space, develop a strong sense of community and bolster organic agricultural in Howard County. 

What does this mean?

  • We will be closed this season for pumpkins in the fall and Christmas Tree’s in the winter of 2015
  • As a family run business we have a major undertaking and must consolidate our efforts.
  • Please read on…


More about the new farm.
Acquiring this farm was a win – win for all parties involved. We purchased the property from the 4H foundation who was gifted the land from the late Landsdale Pue. When Landsdale passed he wanted his multi-generational family farm kept in farming and generously donated the property to the 4H foundation. 4H placed the property into Agricultural Preservation through the Howard County Land Preservation Program. This means the property cannot be developed and it must remain in agriculture. The proceeds from the sale coupled with the proceeds from the agricultural easement gave 4H an amazing opportunity to benefit the next generations of farmers. 

According to the foundation this process enabled 4H to:

  • Support Maryland 4-H dairy programs
  • Support the Maryland 4-H foundation's grant programs 
  • Support Leadership development programs on the campus of the University of Maryland at College Park and county 4-H programs
  • Establish Five $1,000 scholarships for 4-H participants, which will be awarded beginning in 2016
  • Created the Lansdale Pue Memorial National 4-H Congress Fund to pay for travel expenses for 4-H youth attending the National 4-H Congress in Atlanta

In a statement, Maryland 4-H Foundation Executive Director Amanda Brown Clougherty said Pue's donation would:

"Impact the Lives of 4H-ers for Generations to Come."

Here at Gorman Farm We Feel the Same Way!

So, as a family run business we have had to scale back our endeavors that have happened in the past in order to accommodate the acquisition and improvements needed to get our new farm up and rolling!  

What is happening for 2017?
Our Community Supported Agriculture (C.S.A.) Program will resume for 2017 as well as pick your own Strawberries on Gorman Rd. After the New Year more details will follow for C.S.A. sign ups and Pick Your Own Strawberries. 

What will happen to Gorman Farm?
At the moment nothing we will continue to operate as in the past.

How does the new farm affect your services?
The new farm creates an opportunity for longevity with our organic crops and services to the community. We intend that over time as we transition our new farm into a vegetable operation we will be well poised to continue CSA program for years to come. Interactive elements and season extension like winter CSA and early season may be available. Starting a farm is an intensive project we will keep you posted.

Where will CSA take place next year in 2017?
CSA will pickup at the same Gorman Rd. location and resume as it did in previous seasons.

Is your new farm open yet?
No, the new farm is not yet operational and not open. We will need some time to get things going while maintaining operations at the Gorman Rd. location.  

Can we visit?
Not yet. We will keep you posted. The farm is in a transitional phase and there is much work to do. We ask that you please do not enter the farm, as it is not ready for customers yet.  

Previous Announcement from January 2015

 Beginning this 2015 season, the farm will be open for CSA members only.
Wednesday – Friday from 2:00pm – 7:00 pm.

Our Mission
Connect our members to our farm by providing the best source of organic vegetables possible coupled with an incomparable farm experience.

For the 2015 Season:
-    The farm store will be closed.
-    Items that were once available for purchase in the farm stand will no longer be available.
-    Pick your own Strawberries, Pumpkin and Christmas Tree sales will be open to the general public. These openings will be announced along with days and hours.

The CSA portion of our business will remain the same.

The big old barn will still distribute Gorman Farm’s organic produce to CSA members. We will never cease to enhance our member’s experience of our program's functionality, quality of produce, and the aesthetic of the farm.

We are very proud of what we have accomplished as a farm and of the proprietary product we offer via our CSA program.

How does this change affect CSA?
This year we will include CSA members in the pick your own strawberries event. Details to follow and will be dependent on the success of the crop.

CSA will be maintaining our high standard of:
-    Freshly harvested produce.
-    A wide variety of produce grown with organic methods.
-    Produce distributed at the origin of where was it grown.
-    A diverse crop plan with the preferred selections of harvest allocated first for CSA members.
-    Careful considerations to the punctuality and timing of plantings to offer as much diversity as possible week to week.
-    Flexibility on pick up days and long time windows for pickup.
-    A beautiful distribution area with a functional, informative and concise format.
-    A continued market style pick up where we display large quantities and allow you to make your selections.
-    A friendly and knowledgeable staff to maintain quality control for CSA pickups.
-    A trade table to swap out for your favorites or less favorites.
-    A CSA library, weekly newsletters with recipes and on farm facts.
-    A very kid friendly farm with toys and a welcoming atmosphere.
-    An expansive area with a lawn and picnic tables for members to connect with others.
-    The option to walk out into the fields and see directly where your food comes from and how it is produced. Take a nature walk with the kids, shoot some pictures or just watch the sunset.

History & Inception:
In 2007 we started to build our farm by researching the market, looking for land, building a business plan, forming our mission statement, and understanding our demographic. In 2008 we moved half way across the country and started working hard on this piece of raw land to start Gorman Farm. We set out to grow organic vegetables and operate a high quality CSA program. Our mission was to connect our members to our farm by providing the best source of organic vegetables possible coupled with an incomparable farm experience.

The Early Years:
In the first few years we wanted to grow our CSA program slowly and balance our learning curves of a new climate and soils, understand our customers needs, and make sure we did not make promises we could not keep while creating trust and a positive reputation with our members.

In those early years we started a farm stand in addition to the CSA program in order to sell our overages that our small CSA program could not consume. From the beginning we distributed only Gorman Farm’s produce in our CSA shares. We operate from an ethic strongly rooted in organic production.

What we do best: Grow organic vegetables. community supported agriculture maryland

The crop production involved is what we set out to do, invested in, and assigned our resources to. Organic vegetable production is a very disciplined and intensive trade. All of the produce grown on our farm has been allocated to CSA members.

First and foremost we are a producing organic vegetable farm whose stakeholders have an invested interest in the totality of our harvest.  

The closing of the farm stand may not be forever. We are so thankful for our experience of what the farm stand has brought to the table. Especially understanding what a wonderful community we live in. We will always continue our education in not only farming, but also how to serve our community. We strive to be the best stewards of the land as possible, and provide an opportunity for a farm to exist.

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