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Beets, Red, Yellow & Chiogga
Broccoli - heads, side shoots, broccoli raab
late spring & fall
Cabbage, green, red, savoy
early summer & fall
orange, purple, & rainbow
Caulifower - Romanesco
Greens: Dandelion itailian & red
spring & fall
Greens: Lettuce heads
we try all year, usually peak of summer doesn't work so well we try to have lettuce heads as often as possilbe
Greens: Mustard & Purple Mustard
spring & summer
Lettuce Mix
spring & summer, baby to medium leaf loose
Bells Green, Reds, Yellows, Purple, Blushing, Jalepenos, Bannana, Roasters, Anaheims, Poblanos,
Bok choy
spring & fall
White, Cheddar orange, Purple fall only
Chinese Cabbage
spring & fall
Collard Greens
spring & summer
asian longs, classic italians, Nubia
Greens: Arugula
spring early summer & fall
Greens: Mizuna
spring & fall
Lacinato or Dinosaur, Red Russian, Curly Winter
spring & fall - French Breakfast, Red cherry's, & Large Dikons in fall
Sweet Potato
Swiss Chard
spring & fall red, rainbow, green & white
Winter Squash
butternut, acorn, spagetti, sweet dumpling, kabocha

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