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All CSA programs and Farms are different. From logistics and pickup experience, location, quantity of food, farm interaction opportunities, boxed shares  vs. choice. Market style distributions vs. a stack of boxes. Is it all grown by one farm? Is my food coming from multiple sources?

People join CSA's for many different reasons. Usually the #1 reason is access to fresh and nutrious foods. Other reasons are making an effort at a better diet and lifestyle. Other's also want to support local agricultural and food farms. Some folks have a strict diet consisting of only organic foods. Some want their children to experience the reality of where their food comes from. Some want to make a change in their diet but the decisions are overwhelming. Other's want to interact with their food source.

CSA barn
CSA Pick Up Barn

We are different than other CSA's in that we are almost exclusively a CSA member farm. We do not do much that is not for CSA. Many farms have CSA programs but it is only a fraction of what they have to focus on. Not the case with us, we try to keep it simple so we can focus on providing the best crops and the best experience possible.

You will find that not only will your health benefit but your kitchen experience, your zest for preparations, your happiness & bonding experiences over good food and eating meals together.  

It is important to us that you understand as best as possible what we are about and how your experience will be at our farm. See our member testimonials for actual member comments.

 This CSA is not only a source of high quality organically grown food but an experience. It will putorganic farm you in touch with eating with the seasons, and how our bodies were meant to feel. It fosters wellness, creativity, trying new things, & broadening your horizons with the connection of food to your body and soul. It will inspire your kitchen and your palette.

We are a full operating vegetable farm that has a simple concept of sales for the customer and the farmer. We sell everything we grow to you. We grow anywhere from 20-50 different crops and up to 100 different varieties with in all those crops.  

organic farm laurel mdWe have several barns and hundreds of rows of crops right out side of the doors of where you pick it up. We drive tractors and use a lot of tools. We organize and wash crops like tomatoes, potatoes, squash, cucumbers and more by the thousands of pounds a few feet from where you pick it up. You will often see or hear a tractor driving by or a large wagon with hundreds of melons on it pulling up to the distribution barn.

We don’t put anything on the crops or land that didn’t come from nature and isn’t regulated by an agency that says “that’s ok for organic”. Our production systems are aimed at sustainability and enhancing the land.

We set it all up like a big farmers market in a beautiful old barn, and you come and get all of it on the day you choose. We provide each member with gorman farm re-usable bags. We have long pickup windows for those of you that want to come early or can’t come until late. We understand life throws curve balls and if you need to swap around some days here or there no problem. We understands you might want to get out of town, your food will not be wasted and you can let anyone on your behalf come get it for you &/or use it for you.

We provide a way to trade out what you know you don’t want and choose somebody else’s trades and often add options to the trades. You can trade out as much as you want. Often we offer an optional "overage section" of abundances and extras that you can select from. Each week there is often over 12 different things you can try. When the crops peek in their normal production life cycle we will offer large quantities that can be preserved, should you choose to extend your value way beyond. We purposefully indulge you in those intensive periods when it comes to foods that can do so much wonder when you have the freedom and consistent access to them.

That’s the point of our program is HAVE THE FOOD TO WORK WITH, to make a mistake, to over cook it but then learn how to cook it right – to realize I don’t like it that way – but I LOOOVE it that way. You get the chance because eating with the seasons often means you will see several crops multiple times.

It can be a simply a resource of food, but is designed for much more than that. In our CSA there is so much opportunity when it comes to value and it’s up to you how much you want to interact with it.  

In our program it is full of high quality super food. Much of it will be very familiar, many staple favorites of our modern diets, but also some new things that you will fall in love with, a few things here and there that may not be for you. You will have the opportunity to try it, if you don’t like don’t worry about it.

We make all of our resources exclusively available to members in our program. There is bounty on so many levels. We want you to emerse yourself in the experience and have options with your food choices.

Community FarmWe provide receipes and information about the farm. We have a wonderful sitting area and toys for the kids. We give you full access to the farm, the pathways, all the food is evenly divided by all the members. Your welcome to take an amazing nature walk and see your food growing. We cap our membership and turn down sales every year to make sure everyone is positioned to be surrounded and have equal opportunity at the bounty. We give back to our customers almost $20,000 a year in returning member discounts.

We work extra hard to make sure if you do come late we still have high quality and bounty available. We don’t have complicated systems of permissions and policies. We provide so much bounty you won’t need to question the value. We know making decisions is hard sometimes and we will help you make them by providing a share board that divides up the product. We don’t pre pack it all in a box, but we suggest what is a diverse and well balanced share. Take what you want from that. If you don’t want something trade it out for something else on the trade table, or swap it in our overages section.

What about Value?
We have tracked every CSA day distribution for years.
Last year Full Share received an avg. of $1044.00 worth of retail produce for only $770.00. Medium Share's ratio was proportional to this as well.
(And these numbers are based on retail prices from 2-3 years ago - so probably worth more!)

In 2016 we distributed 183,287 lbs of organic produce to our members that’s over 91 tons of fresh  produce to our members. All of it grown onsite and produced under organic methods. You don't have to take all that's offered, you will not be loosing value.

organic sweet peppers local produce maryland organic garlic maryland
Sweet Snack Peppers Late Summer Weekly Share Fresh Garlic

We don’t nit pick down to the penny on what we give you. We harvest all our food, wash it all, let you know what we have, organize it, provide you with a recommend portion, and let you make your own decisions. Often when you choose a watermelon there are 100 to choose from and 3 different types. There is always more than enough. If some choose not to indulge as much as others it’s not wasted it always gets used. We have never leaned on the clause that “when we have down times you have down times”. (Although we reserve that right, we’ve just never used it) Yes crops fail, but there are others. Some years are over-abundant in the cucumber, watermelon, and squash department while others are stellar in the peppers, tomatoes, garlic, basil and flowers department. It’s mother nature.  

See the All about CSA page for all the details on this years program




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