Strawberry & Honey Boost

New Share Add-On options / How it works

The Honey Boost
5 lbs of honey distributed with your Full or Medium CSA share throughout the season.

local organic Maryland honey
- We will do our best to space out the distributions to keep you in honey
- First distribution around the start of the CSA season, last distribution towards the end
- The timing of the distributions will be based upon the flow of the bees
- Purchasing a Honey Boost puts you first in line for honey as the flow from season to season can vary drastically.
- In order to receive honey with your CSA share you must purchase the Honey Boost.
- Don’t delay if you love our honey, this supplement option will not last long.
- For CSA members only. You must purchase a Full or Medium Share to have the honey boost.
- Our Honey is in high demand and difficult to predict - It always sells out. Do not delay
about our beekeeper

The Strawberry Boost
No longer available for 2017 signups
Unlimited pick your own strawberries throughout our strawberry season. You may come out as often as you would like during open hours. There is no limit on your take for the day for your household.

- Strawberry season usually starts around the 20th of May and runs aprox. 3 weeks.
- We intend to be open everyday as long as picking is available and the plants yield.
- For CSA members only You must purchase a Full or Medium Share to have the strawberry boost.

The Strawberry Boost is for pick your own strawberries only. It does not contain picked berries. This boost is for one family & members who like quantities of berries, enjoy the outdoor experience, come multiple times throughout strawberry season, or a combination of. It is excellent for families. It is not intended for people who do not want to pick berries or cannot pick. Essentially kids eat free and they love to do it!

 - With this share you don’t have to worry about eating most of your berries on the way home or your kids picking too many - You can come back or take a few buckets home to preserve for future use.

 - Plan on some time for the end of May for strawberry season & some fun filled afternoons at the farm. We want CSA members to feel free to come make a day out of it, bring a picnic, take a nature walk, or just come out for a quick picking. We will provide the buckets each day.

One Boost Serves One Household Only:

One “Strawberry Boost” share per household. If you are sharing a regular season CSA membership and both households want unlimited pick your own strawberries then please select more than one Strawberry Boost at signup. There is an option to choose quantities when selecting “Strawberry Boost” during the signup process.

More Details:

- This is a trusting relationship between our farm and our community
- Please do not play Robin Hood, and pick for your friends, but a basket for your co-workers or guests is nice. / use considerate judgement
- Please feel free to bring friends but understand they will need to pay...
- At least one name under the membership must be present to redeem the Boost at each picking.
- You may send someone on your behalf to pick for you if you meet the following conditions:
medical issue, an emergency, time / work hour logistics, or want to send the nanny with your kids, etc. or have personal/particular circumstances which limits your ability to get to the field.
- You may not send someone to pick for themselves.
- Please communicate with us via email if you have any questions - Common sense prevails

Sharing a strawberry Boost membershiporganic pick your own strawberries
- You may share a strawberry boost membership if you are already sharing a full or medium CSA vegetable share, are single, party of 2 sharing with another party of 2, and you are not bringing multiple families out to pick under one name. Many of you who have been with us for many years, we know you and we cherish your dedication to us. Use your best judgement and ask if your unsure. With CSA we almost always err on the side of "No problem".

You may add more boosts to your membership. Here's how:

  1. Click here

  2. Enter your email address associated with your account - Follow the prompts
    * you will only be able to add more boosts not delete. Your account will automatically be updated and a confirm email with a new balance will be sent.

We seek your support.
- We have added these options out of popular demand, listening to our members, and always trying to best serve our customers. With the addition of our new farm only a few minutes from Gorman Farm we are getting closer towards incorporating the two. We have our sites set on our original mission statement to offer the best quality produce and an awesome farm experience. Each year we do our best to grow our business and enhance the most productive aspects. The CSA program is where our focus is, and many go bananas over strawberries!

- We are seeking your help and support of this pilot program to help us move our CSA program forward to a much more opportunity filled CSA. This may involve more supplemental options to the program as well as more interactive elements. We want our CSA to work for all members. For those of you that desire more community, more opportunity to get out in the field, come to a gathering, pick your own aspects, potluck, or barn dance we offer that. For those who just want to get in, get your food, and get out with quick and easy logistics, we offer that as well. We are taking steady steps towards a much bigger picture of offering a CSA program that offers great value and an optional interactive experience geared towards family and community building.


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